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Listing BigdataCash
Nowadays there are many very safe storage services, some examples are AMAZON, ONEDRIVE and GOGLEDRIVE. Our goal for the coming months is to create a new storage method using blockchain. Where it will be possible through your wallet (be it on the PC or cell phone) to store your files whether they are photos, video, documents using our blockchain bringing another layer of security in addition to those already on the market. All this service will be free, but like any service it will have its limitations, requiring an upgrade. How will this upgrade be? Basically using only BDCASH, all without leaving your PC or mobile wallet. Main Links: Website: Explorer2 Explorer3 Explorer4 Github: Wallets PC : :reminder_ribbon: Wallet Android: Whitepaper: Social Network Links: Twitter: ANN Official: Discord: Reddit: Telegram Official: Telegram Indonesian: Official TikTok: Market/Price Data Coinpaprika: Coingecko: Coinlore: CoinmarketCap: Coinlib:
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